Premium Quality Pure Gardenia Tealight Candles Pack (10 White Scented Tea Lights) - Made with Essential & Natural Oils

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  • Our Gardenia Tealight Candles are designed to provide beautiful bright light in all traditional tea light candle holders.
  • Made with natural and essential oils, and a clean burning natural fiber single lead free wick - completely non toxic!
  • Our Gardenia Tea lights are hand poured with our classic food grade natural paraffin wax blend for great scent throw.
  • All of our Flower & Floral tealights are highly scented and designed to burn all the way to the edge and bottom with a good scent throw.
  • Premium high quality 100% Pure wax has been used in making this ultimate tealight candle.
  • Pack contains 10 , White, Unscented Tea Light candles with each candle having 4 hour burning time.
  • Regular tealight candles last only an hour or so during celebrations, these candles will burn throughout the night on your Diwali celebrations, making these the ultimate Diwali Candle.
  • These decorative tealight candles burn without polluting the atmosphere of your home with smoke or odor.
  • Ideal for the festive season, pooja, weddings, parties, and special events
  • Usage instructions: To be placed on heat/flame resistant surfaces, Keep away from things that can catch fire, Keep away from children & pets
  • Always use on heat/flame resistant surface and burn within sight. Keep away from things that can catch fire and away from children and pets