About us

The Story of Eshwar Shop

      Customer satisfaction, Right prices and Ease of use are the core principles Eshwarshop is built on. It was founded in 2016 with the vision to make silk thread materials available to every aspiring hobbyist.

      We have an experience of over 10+ years in business and have over 5000 customers all over the globe. We know that customer satisfaction is the most valuable asset in a business, so we make sure the products are marked at the right price. With the help of our delivery team, we intend to deliver products to your location the fastest we could.

      Our services are provided from the heart of Tamil Nadu, Madurai. We continue to develop our services by introducing more generic and unique products, making sure the products reach you fast, in time and by powering up the application with state of the art technology to serve you fast and intuitive !