Terracotta Jewellery Baking Kit/ Baking Kit Clay

Terracotta jewellery baking kit/ Baking Kit/ Husk Nel (Umi) & Charcoal

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250 grams of Charcoal

250 Grams of Husk (Nel Umi)

  •  Rice Husk is 100% pure and organic. No added chemicals or pesticides.
  • Rice husk has been found suitable for wide range of domestic as well as industrial applications.
  • Rice husk helps in building up soil organic matter (SOM) thus enhancing nutrient retention and water-holding capacity. It is readily available, affordable, sustainable and ecologically sound. It is a local resource, natural and safe to soils, crops, humans, and animals.
  • Rice hulls can be put to use as building material, fertilizer, insulation material, or fuel. Rice hulls are part of the chaff of the rice.
  • Rice hulls provide effective weed control when mixed into the top ½ to 1-inch of soil. Rice hulls are extremely lightweight. This makes them especially ideal for making soil loose and airy, which helps plants draw the oxygen they need through their roots.
  • 100% Pure Natural Wood Charcoal
  • High flame
  • No Chemical
  • Produce very less smoke
  • Eco Friendly |Produces Less Smoke | Raw And Natural.
  • Uniform Heat and Burns longer than ordinary charcoal lumps
  • Natural Charcoal as it has always been used by our ancestors
  • Consistent and Superior Quality | No Chemicals or Additives used
  • Low moisture | Fixed carbon content | Less ash content | Highly combustible
  •  Burning long time with high thermal efficiency, Very safe to use and ignite, Easy to light and handle, Doesn’t spark, Low moisture level
  • Produced from sustainable natural resources. No chemicals are used in the production
  • Environmental Friendly: Almost No Smoke, No destruction of live trees, Doesn’t emit any toxic gases, Low ash
  • Made from incredibly dense South Indian forest.
  • Low moisture | Fixed carbon content | Less ash content |
  • Consistent and Superior Quality | No Chemicals or Additives used.
  • Made in India Pure wood charcoal.
  • Resistant to pops and sparks.